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Meet Pastor Roxanne

Meet Pastor Roxanne

Pastor Roxanne Alexander is Senior Pastor of Victory Church of Highland Lakes in Marble Falls Texas.  Before and during her pastorate she has traveled and ministered prophetically for over 30 years.  She is ordained by and a member of the International Conference of Faith Ministers. 
Pastor Roxanne believes that every member of the body of Christ has a great commission in the earth. In order to fulfill the commission we must discover who we are in Christ and become equipped to carry out our mission in the earth.
Her pastoral and prophetic messages equip and enable God’s people, both corporately and individually, bringing them to new levels in order to fulfill their divine destinies.
Pastor Roxanne is guided by the leadership of Dr. John Hollar, Director Emeritus of Christ for the Nations. Dr. Hollar is an apostle to pastors and churches across the southwest.