It’s Back

Praise God!  What a wonderful time we had at the KCM minister’s conference.  We heard such powerful word that really sets the tone for the year.  I am so blessed to be a part of such a great tribe of Christians.  Thank you Jesus for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland!  Have you heard?  The “tent anointing” is back!

Choose Blessings

This has been an amazing week.  Chip Brim brought us an anointed message Wednesday Night and we are all eager to obey what the Spirit is saying to us.
Have a listen!  It will change your life!  We loved the fellowship afterward too!
It is so great to be connected to such anointed people.  If I have learned anything over the decades, it has been this : “find your people and you will find your purpose.” I am so thankful to be in a tribe with Chip Brim and his mom, Billye Brim.  Have a very Merry Christmas when it gets here everyone!


Hi everyone!  I trust you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with friends and family!  We had a great day and now we are off to another feast with my family and some very close family friends!
Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for Americans but for Christians it is a way of life.  To us, it is not just a reaction we express because something good has happened to us.  Thanksgiving is actually a key to receiving what hasn’t manifested yet! Thanks giving opens spiritual laws.
We are thankful for everything Jesus has given us and will continue to give us as we walk by faith in his promises. 
Would you like to know how to enlarge your capacity for God?  Cultivate a life of thanks giving.
This is a huge key to the fullness that has been promised to us!
Psalms 95:2 says “Come before his Presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise unto him!”